Organization of the CHA

The CHA has a Board of Directors. The Board is set up to include:

  • at least one representative from each club or geographic area with a significant number of players;
  • 2 or 3 "At Large" members based on their visibility and experience in the handball community;
  • volunteers or draftees who handle major CHA undertakings, events or activities, such as the publication of this newsletter and the coordination of the Fall Traveling League;
  • the Rocky Mountain Regional Representative to the USHA and our State Representative to the USHA .

Each Board member is requested to attend Board meetings once or twice a year to deal with CHA business, such as efforts to host National level tournaments, Pro Stops, and scheduling state wide events. These meetings are usually held in the Denver metro area. and normally take up an entire evening.

If you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for the CHA, or you feel that your club or geographic area lacks representation on our board and you want to volunteer, please contact a board member or the CHA President - their contact info can be found here.  You can also send email to 

Most importantly you should know that each board member has volunteered to serve in spite of the personal expense of money and time that accompanies the position.