Activities of the CHA

Newsletter: Every two months (if there are enough news items to warrant it) the CHA publishes a newsletter with information about recent and upcoming handball events in Colorado - results of recent events, schedule of upcoming tournaments, shuttles open to the public, who is playing where, where to go for games, and how to get in contact with or participate in other non-tournament events.

Clubs that are hosting tournaments can have the entry form or announcement printed and mailed with our newsletter to our entire membership for less than the cost of postage if they tried to mail it themselves. Contact any board member (listed below) for details of this service.

Tournament Coordination: The CHA maintains a calendar of local and state events. This calendar helps players and clubs coordinate their schedules and avoid conflicts (see following pages).

Fall Travel League: The CHA coordinates a fall travel league with the cooperation of Front Range clubs. Last year there were 292 players participating from ten clubs, including Ft. Collins, Colo. Springs, and the Denver / Boulder area. This format is a great way to meet new faces and get to know one another.

Player Database: Want to locate some one? Need a doubles partner? Want to put on a Masters only event? Who can I find to play when I'm out of town or is there anyone in the (you name it) part of Colorado playing handball? The CHA has  a player database. The centralized records are for clubs and players to use to reach one another for tournaments and other handball purposes. (NO - this is not a mailing list for commercial, non-handball related sales!). We also have a database of contacts in other states you might be visiting... we can probably suggest a good place to start looking for a game, no matter where you are headed. Contact us for more information.

3 Wall: The CHA sponsors, organizes and publicizes outdoor 3 Wall events, including the Les Shumate 3 Wall Championships.

4 Wall: The CHA helps organize and run the annual State Doubles and State Singles tournaments.

Tournament Entry Fee Discounts: The CHA provides mailing lists (labels) and support resources for clubs holding tournaments. In return, the CHA asks the club to offer an entry fee discount to current CHA members. This usually amounts to a five dollar savings on tournaments the CHA assists.

Roundups: The CHA helps sponsor or organize regional and local "roundup" events along the lines of large shuttles to help players get together. These are normally inexpensive, one day events for all classes of players.

Doubles Partners: If you need a partner (your regular partner has pulled up lame or is just pooped out and tired of carrying you), or just want some new people to play, the CHA should be able to help you locate someone.

Clubs: The CHA works with clubs to organize and host handball events - not just tournaments. Clubs can get mailing lists, copies of newsletters, and ad space to get the word out about their handball events and programs.

Contributor: The CHA is a "Grand Club" Contributor to the USHA Development Fund since we havemade significant donations to it from the CHA general fund.

Other: The CHA either participates in, or offers its help in other events: The CHA works with clubs to bring you Pro Stops and national level events, such as the 46th USHA Nationals at the Lakewood Athletic Club in June, 1996. Would you like to host or attend a handball clinic? The CHA would like to help - especially if it leads to introducing more players to the game.